My Grandmother Enid holding my cousin, shortly before her death around 1989 in Jamaica.

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Many years ago, while dissecting the family drama du jour with my mother on the phone, I realized how little I had known about one relative in particular. My maternal grandmother, Enid, was orphaned, and her early life remains a mystery of sorts. This was a topic at every major family gathering over the years, and as myself and my gaggle of cousins grew older, we demanded answers that our parents simply didn’t have. Like many of us, I dabbled in a slew of quarantine hobbies. For me, it was gardening in…

There’s a saying in Jamaican patois that goes: “Every day the bucket go a well, one day the bottom mus’ drop out.” It’s our way of saying how much more you appreciate something when it’s gone. One can imagine an even deeper appreciation for something you never had to begin with, and it’s the reason I find myself yearning to understand more about the way my parents grew up — in rural, post-independence Jamaica. Before western tourists flocked to the island for packaged vacations, it was, and still is, a nation of industrious families toiling to secure a future. Born…


December 4, 2020

New York, NY — In the spirit of pure Afrofuturism, NOIR FEST 2020 is your end-of-2020 reset, closing out the craziest year ever with healing, transformation and (r)evolution in a virtual celebration of Black creative genius. The film festival kicks off this Saturday, December 5thn with films, music, yoga, radical speakers, and reiki interspersed throughout the week. Notable voices include keynote , author of The Body is not an Apology, and Merawi Gerima, director of .

NOIR FEST is the only week-long party offering you and your tribe major doses…

Paige Curtis

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